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Born July 1st, 1967, Pamela Denise Anderson has become perhaps one of the most recognized faces (and bodies) in the world. Her role in the popular syndicated series Baywatch, redefined how a body conscious society watched television. While Pamela’s figure on the show was enhanced by breast implants (which were later said to be removed, though we think they were just resized), her other dimensions where also eye popping. The guru of fashion; Mr. Blackwell, calls Pamela the Marilyn Monroe of our generation, though he also says ‘not a talent’. Whatever the case, at least on television, her appearance usually equals success as VIP and Baywatch have proven, though these same fans don’t appear to be willing to pay to watch her on the big screen.

Pamela was discovered while watching a CFL game in Vancouver, where the cameras panned on her and stopped on the Labatt’s Beer T-shirt wearing babe. The crowd went wild and soon after, Labatt’s hired Anderson to appear in commercials. After that success, a move to Hollywood and a role in Baywatch propelled her to instant superstar. What followed were roles in Married With Children, Home Improvement and several nude appearances in Playboy (the most covers of any woman in the history of the magazine with nine).

In addition to the images below, be sure to check out other images including a great nude video of Pam on Beautiful Woman of the Day.

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  1. First off, Pamela appeared on Home Improvement BEFORE Baywatch, and decided to leave the former for the latter as she felt she wasn’t getting enough of a part on it.
    I always thought Pamela was overrated as a sex symbol, and these pics just confirm that. She HAS got nice hair, and a good figure, EXCEPT for her boobs! That’s because they always looked artificial. The slope wasn’t right.
    Both of her Baywatch predecessors were better looking. Former dancer Shawn Weatherly who played Jill Riley (killed off after a shark attack) had lovely long legs, fantastic blonde hair, and a nice face – more so than Pamela.
    And Erika Eleniak (playing Shauni McClain) was an exceptional beauty, and exceptionally sexy! She had a fantastic figure: long, shapely legs, nice butt, and big (enough), shapely, NATURAL boobs (see “Under Siege” for more proof, when she rises out of that cake). I saw “natural” as I’ve never heard of ANY suggestion that they weren’t, and they look real, unlike Pamela’s. Also, she too had great, long blonde hair, the dark eyebrows that helped Brooke Shields get noticed, and most importantly – a REALLY lovely face: good round jaw, healthy cheeks, and lovely eyes.
    I will NEVER understand why so much more fuss wasn’t made about her than Pamela Anderson, or instead of! She had – as I think Raymond Chandler wrote – “a body that would make a bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window”!
    All this said, I would like to make clear that I do like Pamela as a person – although I think she’s well shot of Tommy Lee, and I’ve often felt that, like Marilyn Monroe, people are so obsessed with her looks that they’re not going to notice if she has any real acting talent, which many people now know Marilyn did.

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