Feb 232010

This is the only nude (or partial nude) that I have been find so far from the Winter Olympics.  I know that I will be following women’s curling now!

Madeleine Dupont is a Danish curler from Hvidovre. She won the Frances Brodie Award in 2004. She currently throws last rocks for her team skipped by Angelina Jensen.

Dupont has skipped the Danish team to two World Championships events, finishing 8th at the 2004 Ford World Curling Championship and 10th at the 2005 World Women’s Curling Championship. She won a gold medal at the World Junior “B” Curling Championships in 2004, and a silver medal in 2002 at the European Curling championships as an alternate for Dorthe Holm’s team.

Dupont won a bronze medal at the 2007 World Junior Curling Championships, and a silver medal at the 2007 World Women’s Curling Championship.

Unfortunately, Madeline is currently not doing very well in the Winter games.

Shout out to VG where I found this image.

While you are thinking of good looking Olympians, play this game!

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