Aug 092010

Jodie Foster recently made the news by admitting to a “relationship” with Mark Hurd of HP. While both adults state that they were not lovers, Mark Hurd ended up resigning his position supposedly since he filed inaccurate expense reports concerning the relationship. I am confused, if there was no sex then why were there expense reports and why would Mark file them incorrectly? The man was a multi-millionaire – he could afford a bed at the local Motel 6!

So here are some file image of Jodie with clothes on.

(thanks to Buddy TV for the above photos)

These nude and topless scenes and video were taken from Sheer Passion, a movie that Jodie appeared in during her film days.  The videos are embedded and the server they are on appears to be slow, so be patient. Also, the video is very suggestive so please don’t watch if you are sensitive these types of sexual scenes.

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