Jan 012011

Krista Allen is an American actress. She is best known for her work in the television series Days of Our Lives, Baywatch Hawaii, and What About Brian; and in the Hollywood films Liar Liar, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Anger Management, and The Final Destination. She also played the lead role in a series of softcore television movies inspired by the sex icon Emmanuelle.



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Aug 092010

Jodie Foster recently made the news by admitting to a “relationship” with Mark Hurd of HP. While both adults state that they were not lovers, Mark Hurd ended up resigning his position supposedly since he filed inaccurate expense reports concerning the relationship. I am confused, if there was no sex then why were there expense reports and why would Mark file them incorrectly? The man was a multi-millionaire – he could afford a bed at the local Motel 6!

So here are some file image of Jodie with clothes on.

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And here are some images and video without clothing.

May 112010

Christina Aguilera is an American pop singer and songwriter. Aguilera first appeared on national television in 1990 as a contestant on the Star Search program, and went on to star in Disney Channel’s television series The New Mickey Mouse Club from 1993–1994. Aguilera signed to RCA Records after recording “Reflection” for the film Mulan. She came to prominence following her debut album Christina Aguilera (1999), which was a commercial success spawning three number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100. A Latin pop album, Mi Reflejo (2001), and several collaborations followed which garnered Aguilera worldwide success, though she was displeased with her lack of input in her music and image.

Feb 112010

Elle Macpherson is an Australian model, actress, and businesswoman. She is perhaps best known for her record five cover appearances for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue beginning in the 1980s. She is also known as the founder and primary model for a series of business ventures including Elle Macpherson Intimates, a lingerie line, and “The Body”, a line of skin care products. According to Forbes, Macpherson possesses assets around 60 million pounds sterling. In 2010, she became the host and executive producer of Britain’s Next Top Model.

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Jan 252010

Denise Michelle Crosby is an American actress who is perhaps best known for her portrayal of Security Chief Tasha Yar on the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the Stephen King film, Pet Sematary.

In 1987, Crosby was cast in the role of Tasha Yar for the much publicized return of Star Trek to television in the syndicated series Star Trek: The Next Generation. She had been chosen to play Deanna Troi before Gene Roddenberry switched her and Marina Sirtis. Initially one of the top-billed characters and featured prominently in episodes such as “The Naked Now” and “Code of Honor”, the role of Tasha gradually moved into the background as other members of the ensemble cast became a greater focus of the series. It has been reported that Crosby grew disillusioned with her role because of the “Uhura-like” status of her role: Tasha was always present, yet her character was never expanded upon.

Ultimately, Crosby decided to leave the show. Her character was unceremoniously killed by the alien creature Armus during the episode “Skin of Evil”. She had starred in 22 episodes of the program at the point of departure.

In later years, Crosby had second thoughts about leaving the show, and approached the TNG production team with the idea of reprising her role of Tasha Yar. This came to be in season three’s “Yesterday’s Enterprise” in which an alternate timeline is created after the USS Enterprise-C, the predecessor to TNG’s USS Enterprise-D, comes forward 22 years in time. Yar joined the Enterprise-C before it returned to its own time. During the documentary Trekkies, Crosby commented that her Tasha Yar character had to die in order to get “the best episodes”.

Crosby would also guest star in several other TNG episodes, “Redemption” as Romulan Commander Sela, the half-human, half-Romulan daughter of Tasha Yar, who had been impregnated after being taken prisoner in the past after joining the crew of the Enterprise-C in “Yesterday’s Enterprise”. Crosby later reprised the role in the Star Trek: Armada video game.

Tasha Yar was also featured in the feature length final episode of the series entitled “All Good Things…” in which Captain Picard is moving back and forth through time. In the past Tasha is taking him by shuttle to the Enterprise for the first time and features throughout the episode.

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